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Well, it’s official Dayton WordPress is live. On Thursday October 11th we had our first MeetUp which was more or less an open discussion for the group. It was designed to learn to see where to take the group. It turns out there is a wide range from individuals who haven’t installed it but want to learn to those that have created custom plugins.Then add in some designers and that mix is only going to help this community group grow.

Users to Developers

As I mentioned there is a wide range of people in the group. The ‘problem’ is trying to address them all. The advice I remember hearing is for presenters: have two sets on standby. One main set for the presentation on the topic and another sub-presentation for those that don’t understand it and need to refresher over the basics. In the end lets face it sometimes we all need refreshers.

Moving Forward

I can’t describe how enthusiastic I am about being apart of this on the ground level. Going forward I am looking towards the various presentations.

The Goal

The objective is to learn and grow together. As a new web developer I am always learning something new. I have been around WordPress for years so now having the ability to help and learn is the perfect combination I’ve been looking forward too.

If you are interested then check out the Dayton WordPress official MeetUp Group. Also, keep an eye out for the Dayton WordPress official website. If you couldn’t make it out on October 11th – what would you like to see covered in one of our sessions?

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