SEO Process Overview

In creating an SEO Process for your website starts in the planning stage. One of the things that I do is hit up Google Trends to see just how popular that niche market is. The last thing you want to do is enter into a market that is highly saturated. Let’s begin the SEO Process Overview with a specific example.

I have a site called “Sport Intro” which the basis is centered around an introduction to sports. The goal is rank for key terms for users who try to understand anything and everything around sports. This can range trying to understand basketball calls from referres to what teams are in the Big Ten.

*sidenote: the site is still in development – so don’t expect anything fancy*

Site Layout

A lot of people when they read this come up with the actual layout of the site but in reality its the structure of it. The objective here is come up with unique urls and determine what are going to be categories and post (dynamic with constant updates) while others would be pages (static) and optimized as landing pages.

In the example it would be www.sportintro.com/football then from there the subcategories would everything that falls under football:

  • NFL
    • Teams
      • History
      • Owners
      • Coaches
      • Players
      • News

The question that can raised is why not just create static pages – you can. This is just my SEO Process Overview so fine tune it as you see fit.

It’s from here I start creating content

Content: Long tail Key Terms

The goal in creating content is not go after short keywords to do this would be like pissing into the wind. There is no way that “SportIntro would rank for “National Football League” from the get-go. However, should I optimize the NFL section for say, “National Football League Team History”

Search Engine Curve
credit Hubspot

The numbers don’t lie

Images – Images – Images

A picture is a word a thousand words but in the world of search engines its even more. In the search engine optimization process any graphic that’s online needs to tagged correctly. Even before that the images url structure is important – they all tie in together. By having an image of an “NFL Teams Logo” (check copyright prior to using specific images) url to be www.sportintro.com/images/NFL-TeamName-Logo.jpg

The “Alt” tag better known as the alternate tag only helps in web crawlers as they can’t ‘see’ images but combining the url and the alt tag helps the process.

This is just a quick jump start to the SEO Process Overview so keep an eye on out on this as I grow the site.

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