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Google Analytics is just the beginning…

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

That was the title of the presentation I did at the Dayton WordPress MeetUp last week.

During which I talking about Google Analytics (obviously), Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, and putting them all together Google Data Studio.

Here is a direct link to the Google slides presentation –

While the overall feedback has been great, reflected I felt rush.

Google Analytics in itself could take 45 minutes just touching on some of the great data insights that are in there.

So, I will be breaking these sections out to give them the time they need in the coming weeks.

I will be doing the presentation (possible live) online with video and slides to gives the full scope of the topic in the coming weeks.

I already have the content segmented out and highlighted so it’ll be fun to really dive into this.

Moving on to something new

It’s been a little while since I’ve written and that’s largely been due to my work schedule.

That situation has since changed. I have left WDTN and Dayton’s CW as the Digital Director:

I am now the Digital Marketing Specialist for Civista Bank. A community bank that is spread throughout Ohio.

The switch was not taken lightly and in fact I pondered of the transition for quite some time. In January of 2016 my blood pressure had jumped fairly high and I ended up having some severe panic attacks. Medication wasn’t working, my sleep schedule was non-existent as was my home life.

I enjoyed what I was doing but was doing between 60 to 70 hours a week and was proving to be quite difficult for my family.

At the end of June I’ve made the switch and while I am out of the ‘industry’ will continue to support those of WDTN. They have some of the best reporters, photographers, producers and overall creative services.

They just announced that they will be doing a 4:00 p.m. newscast on September 11, 2017. I’m interested to watch particular due to being apart of the Five on 2 launch years back.

Now, that I’ve been in my current role for a couple months I can say the stress level has dropped significantly as well as my blood pressure, according to my doctor.

WDTN 1st Place AP Award Best Digital Presence

WDTN 1st Place AP Award Best Digital Presence

I just want to thank those of you out there that were apart of the digital success of WDTN, 2016 was a great year.

Winning the Ohio Associated Press Media Editors First Place for “Best Digital Presence” for 2016 was easily one of the highlights.

Thanks to Maytal Levi for attending the ceremony and letting me know when it happened.

WDTN may be small (there were literally three people on the digital team: shout-out to Paul Rodzinka and Megan Kennedy!)

From the constant tweets during the political debates, to late night posts for Operation Football and finding things to live stream (Props to that Florida bald Eagle and April the giraffe in New York).

What does the future hold?

More posts. That I can guarantee.


Why watching the livestream of a pregnant giraffe has gone viral

If you haven’t heard by now there is a pregnant giraffe named April in New York and from the looks of it people are losing their minds over it.

Doing a search for “pregnant giraffe” and there are over 21 million results…MILLION!

A look at search for “pregnant giraffe” search engine result pages

I couldn’t make this up even if I tried.

It all started with a simple webcam from The Animal Adventure Park to stream the pregnancy of their giraffe a couple weeks ago.

Not a huge deal right? Well, after people started watching the live stream on YouTube the complaints started flooding stating that the video was sexually explicit and was removed.

Yes, you read that right YouTube removed the live stream due to the “nudity and sexually explicit content”.

The rumor was the complaints came from animal rights activist or at least according to the owner Jordan Patch.

Shortly thereafter the live stream of April the pregnant giraffe was back-up and running and people were loosing their minds once again waiting for the baby to be born.

The round-the-clock live stream has captured the hearts (more importantly eyeballs) of people around the world waiting in anticipation for the magical moment to happen.

Why are people watching a pregnant giraffe in the first place?

People need something to watch.

This is why season finales are such a big deal – if they’ve invested in one minute of “the show” they want to see the ending.

And unlike that of the crappy ending of LOST, sorry still bitter 7 years later and it doesn’t help I’m re-watching it on Netflix knowing how terrible the ending is.

I digress.

So, when you see the live stream pop-up on your social media and if that hasn’t happened already to you then you have a boring network, roll your eyes all you want but you will watch it for a minute…or 60.

Then when someone comments on how dumb it is and you nod your head and give that persons comment a LIKE – we both know the next time that live stream comes around again you’re going to watch.

Just admit even if it is to yourself.

Okay now that you’ve done that sit back and relax and watch:

Let’s not forget it wasn’t long ago we were watching a bald eagle egg hatch in Florida.

The question is, what animal will the world be captivated by nex

I love WordPress and that is why I dropped out

Dayton WordPress When I was co-founder of the Dayton WordPress MeetUp group one of things I really enjoyed was that everyone would introduce themselves and say why they were there…you never know if they are in the wrong location.

It was always great to hear those who were new to WordPress but I was always impressed with the long time users. These are the individuals that have been using the content management system for years. They’ve seen the growth of not only the platform but those within the community.

You could see the fire in their eyes and excitement would continue to build.

Excitement is excitement.

That excited for me, at this moment, is gone.

Don’t get me wrong I could go all day on various uses of WordPress, and more importantly the people I’ve met over the years because of WordPress. However when it comes to the local chapter…I am done.

With the help of Nowell VanHosen we started the first Dayton WordPress in August of 2012. I still remember the long discusses we would have on various topics that we would like to see covered at Panera Bread at the Greene.

I wouldn’t trade that time for anything. Learning from Nowell on how to encourage the local community that what we would put together would in fact have value.

Then there the Dayton WordCamps – talk about stressful, but the return on 18 hour days were far more greater than I could imagine.

I was never scared to speak in front of groups…but this was different, and I loved every single second it.

I will still be attending and proclaiming the name of WordPress wherever I go.

Just for me.

Right now.

So, if you ever need some WordPress help, SEO, social media marketing, or just a digital marketing strategist – feel free to reach out.

How Main Event Entertainment in West Chester, Ohio does false advertising

Here is the official review I put on Main Event Entertainment (West Chester, OH) because I believe in transparency:

Came in from Dayton with 3 kids after seeing a great deal on here (FB) and their Twitter for 3 hour unlimited play starting at $12.95.

When we arrived we were told that deal was over, even though there was no expiration date on it, like the previous one (see previous FB cover images).

The staff was courteous and handed us a flyer (which I have) that shows “All-You-Can-Play Activity Pass” for $15.95 (Open to 5pm)…a couple bucks more than we hand planned but decided to go with it only to be told that deal had expired and the “right” price was $24.95.

There is no expiration deal and the ‘manager’ told us that that the “general manager” says there is a date “somewhere” in the building (just not on flyer). We were also told the social media is handled at the corporate level and ‘they have no control over it’.

I commented on this pages original cover photo that had offered the $12.95 deal only to have removed a few hours later.

In the end we left discouraged with 3 upset kids and having to explain to them about false and misleading advertising. Saying one thing (in this case two) and doing something completely different.

Main Event Entertainment (West Chester, OH) ended up deleting the Facebook cover photo with the advertisement, a couple hours after my review. Seem convenient. Nonetheless I have screenshots and as off January 1, 2017, at 4:00 PM they haven’t updated it from their Twitter account.

Main Event Entertainment (West Chester, OH) Facebook)

Main Event Entertainment (West Chester, OH) Facebook)

A little difficult to see the cover photo, right? Here is the Facebook Cover Photo by itself:

Main Event Entertainment (West Chester, OH) Facebook Cover Photo

Main Event Entertainment (West Chester, OH) Facebook Cover Photo

Let’s not forget their Twitter:

Main Event Entertainment West Chester OH Twitter Profile

Main Event Entertainment West Chester OH Twitter Profile

Very strange but I had the thought maybe they put the expiration of the offer in the caption of the image…nope.

In my review I’ve mentioned the flyer (click here to see the flyer).

Instead in previous Facebook Cover Photos Main Event Entertainment showed dates/times deals were offered.

Here are just a few:

Main Event Entertainment West Chester OH FB Offer

Main Event Entertainment West Chester OH FB Offer

Main Event Entertainment West Chester OH FB Offer

Main Event Entertainment West Chester OH FB Offer

Main Event Entertainment West Chester OH FB Offer

Main Event Entertainment West Chester OH FB Offer

Main Event Entertainment West Chester OH FB Offer

Main Event Entertainment West Chester OH FB Offer

Now, I’ve been going back-and-forth with a Mandi Sue Konrad who from what I can tell on her Facebook profile is Main Event Entertainment West Chester, OH’s Event Coordinator and has called me a ‘jerk’:

Yet when Ms. Konrad doesn’t get her way she puts the company on blasts and does not respond to when the owner responds letting her know that the “…server took the entree off your bill. If there is more that we can do to be fair with you, please call us and ask for Michael. I will be happy to speak with you.”