Why watching the livestream of a pregnant giraffe has gone viral

If you haven’t heard by now there is a pregnant giraffe named April in New York and from the looks of it people are losing their minds over it.

Doing a search for “pregnant giraffe” and there are over 21 million results…MILLION!

Why watching the livestream of a pregnant giraffe has gone viral 2
A look at search for “pregnant giraffe” search engine result pages

I couldn’t make this up even if I tried.

It all started with a simple webcam from The Animal Adventure Park to stream the pregnancy of their giraffe a couple weeks ago.

Not a huge deal right? Well, after people started watching the live stream on YouTube the complaints started flooding stating that the video was sexually explicit and was removed.

Yes, you read that right YouTube removed the live stream due to the “nudity and sexually explicit content”.

The rumor was the complaints came from animal rights activist or at least according to the owner Jordan Patch.

Shortly thereafter the live stream of April the pregnant giraffe was back-up and running and people were loosing their minds once again waiting for the baby to be born.

The round-the-clock live stream has captured the hearts (more importantly eyeballs) of people around the world waiting in anticipation for the magical moment to happen.

Why are people watching a pregnant giraffe in the first place?

People need something to watch.

This is why season finales are such a big deal – if they’ve invested in one minute of “the show” they want to see the ending.

And unlike that of the crappy ending of LOST, sorry still bitter 7 years later and it doesn’t help I’m re-watching it on Netflix knowing how terrible the ending is.

I digress.

So, when you see the live stream pop-up on your social media and if that hasn’t happened already to you then you have a boring network, roll your eyes all you want but you will watch it for a minute…or 60.

Then when someone comments on how dumb it is and you nod your head and give that persons comment a LIKE – we both know the next time that live stream comes around again you’re going to watch.

Just admit even if it is to yourself.

Okay now that you’ve done that sit back and relax and watch:

Let’s not forget it wasn’t long ago we were watching a bald eagle egg hatch in Florida.

The question is, what animal will the world be captivated by nex

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