The Power of Positivity

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Going through boot camp in the military was one of the toughest times in my life. Not from the physicality of it rather the mentality of it. The goal was to tear you down and build you up.

To make you better. To show what you can truly do. To show you your true strength and not just physical.

It was tough though and I mean TOUGH.

If you don’t know I am very tough on myself always wanting to do more – learn more – help more.

So, when I went into the military and my instructor yelled and screamed at our squadron I took a lot of the burden. I constantly asked what I could do to help make our squadron better, let alone myself. Getting through the 8 weeks during the September and October of 2001  showed me that positivity will always win.

If you want to help someone: be positive.

If you want to see some grow: be positive.

If you want to see potential: be positive.

Now, I’m never saying I’m not negative because trust me…I am. In in the end we are all islands and if we stay negative and not encouraging each other then we’ll remain lonely.

Take a minute and encourage those around you.

Thank them. Listen to them. Encourage them.

Be positive.

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