SummitUp 2012 Quick Recap

SummitUp: Dayton, OH

This week I was privilaged to attend SummitUp at Sinclair Community College. I have yet to go over all my notes from this amazing event. So, before I go into specifics I wanted to give a quick recap from a first time attendee.

Arrival: 8:20…well, already missing the morning Keynote: Todd Henry – Accidental Creative. I felt bad about this but I was able to hear him from the back. I didn’t want to be that guy who walks through a crowded conference. Moving forward.

The first session I was looking forward to was John Fimiani / Bill Sterzenbach – Organic Web Design. I got some great information from this and I plan on doing a great write-up on it.

Next was Ian Bowman-Henderson – Mobile: Content vs. Contact. This was intriguing and came up with some ideas for companies to utilize mobile friendly landing pages.

I then got to hear Steve Phillips – SEO is Dead, Long Live SEO. This is the first time in a while I heard some talk about SEO and the importance of Google Plus. A great reminder that the devil is in the details.

Right before lunch I got to hear Chad Burton – Social Media and The Law. This is one of the few I had to type up notes after the session so I could listen to everything he was speaking on.

Lunch was another keynote Afternoon Keynote: Rohit Bhargava. One word: wow. I am actually going through his book “likeonomics” and no it doesn’t deal with facebook.

After a filling lunch I hit up Nick Carter – Social Media & CRM. Strangers to Contacts to Customers and how to help make that transition  Great session and even used a whiteboard.

Next on my agenda was Lisa McManus – Social Media: Corporate Risk and Compliance. Talk about information. Amazing.

Then last on the list was closing Keynote – Tim Schigel from @ShareThis. I love analytics and couldn’t believe what his company offers. Again, another big write-up coming up on this as I continue to gather data.

This is just the sessions I attended and plan on doing an in-depth write-up. Thank you Ohlmann Group for allowing me to attend I truly appreciate it.

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