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There is no longer a difference between SEO and SMM – they need to be integrated. Its as if you are marketing a product but forgetting about the brand. They go hand-in-hand. This goes with my SEO – Take One analysis where as this is no meant to be in-depth but a small overview.

Social Media Marketing

Claim the Name

Whenever there is a new tool released being able to claim the business name is imperative. As the tool might grow popular the brand will already be established and ready to execute its strategy.

Making List

Having a detailed list of “friends” or “followers” is as relative as having an established email marketing campaign in a rolodex. The ability to reach to certain business / clients / consumers is based on the detailed oriented of the list.

Retweets and Likes

Generating content is great but if people are not sharing it with their “friends” or “followers” it stops with them. Ensuring that each page has the ability to be ‘tweeted’ or ‘liked’ is critical to expand ones message. It is also best to retweet popular content as well.

Reply to All

There is always bad mixed with good clients as such we need to respond to each and every one of them. While a client might not have liked their advertising campaign but by making the most of these social media tools there is the ability to not only reach out to them but their clients and consumers as well.

Social Search

The knowledge of using search engines to find potential clients is already well known. Making the most of that same knowledge and expanding it to various social media sites allows us to locate possible potential clients in a matter of minutes. Then by using social media communications we are able to build a relationship with them and their brand.

Employee Social

It is no surprise that employees of any company are using social media websites. If used correctly they can be one of the best resources for promoting the companies brand. A productive way is to make sure each employee is representing the company.


In websites we are able to use analytics to track their progress while on social media sites we are able to track anything from the best time to ‘tweet’ to what is the most popular #hashtag to use in an upcoming campaign. Also being able to see how many professionals are reviewing the brand is important to correlate how we are ranking on the business-to-business aspect.

SMM - Take One 1

Social Media Marketing:

The Process

Look – Listen – Learn – Participate. While the procedure may ‘seem’ easy there is more to just putting the message out there. There has to be in-depth research and constant development. The strategy should be a mixture of responding to the public (clients and non alike), demonstrating knowledge of the industry, exhibiting genuine conversation tactics all while measuring the reach of every discussion.

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