SEO Tasks Done Right?

In doing SEO you constantly have to stay on top of the search engines changes in their algorithms. It can be a difficult and challenging job but if done right it can be truly rewarding when you rank top in key search terms. One place I often read up about SEO is over at Pandia Search Engine News. Recently they pushed out a Top 5 SEO Tasks You Should Do Right Now.

From the get-go Pandia lays out some simple items to do: Optimizing Title Tags / Building Links / etc. Yet, on #2 Make Your Meta Description Tag Count we need to dig a little deeper. When trying to optimize a website for SEO I check their competition but most importantly I head over to Matt Cutts blog. If you haven’t heard of him – that’s okay. Matt Cutts works for Google and blogs about SEO on a regular basis. So it is safe to say that he knows what he’s talking about.

On a post Matt Cutts speaks on how Google doesn’t use the keywords in meta tag in web search. Pretty cut and dry huh? Well, it’s never that simple. Meta tag’s are great but usually for inner web search results. So, bottom line don’t stop use meta tags but don’t count on them to push you up on the ranking in search results. Also don’t just take one person/companies perspective on SEO – search around and determine if the information is accurate.

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