SEO – Take One

The following is a synopsis of SEO I did recently for a company. It is pretty basic knowledge for those in the industry but since I put it together I felt as though I should share it with you all.

I might dive into each section a little more. I do search engine optimization – I don’t know it all and don’t claim to but I do know where to find the answer.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Friendly Content

Content is key but having extensive keyword rich content is the golden key. The ability to add unique content for each individual page improves ranking when search engine spiders crawl every word. While the major search engine does not use keywords meta tag in web ranking it is imperative to include the information when defining each unique page.


Keyword Analysis

The recommendation is not to use single words rather two to three-word phrases, by pairing general keyword with more specific ones. A combination of keywords that are distantly related, commonly misspelled, related terms, service region specific keywords and long variation of keywords is highly suggested.

Competitor Analysis

While competition is a good thing when it comes to online the difference between being the top result and second page can result in lose business. By being able to research the competition we are able to determine their key search terms and their linkage.

Site Meta Tags

When writing page content it is best to include wise Met tags without allowing the body text to lose its marketing appeal.


The main page should be at www.domain.com and not directed to a different directory. If it does it must be handled at the server level. In general it is safer to avoid refreshes and redirects all together. By having redirects it can impact the directory listings since directory editors may want to use the redirected URL as opposed to the root domain. If this happens it can in turn affect the link popularity of the main page. Redirection to a different directory on the site; e.g., www.domain.com redirected to www. domain.com/main/default.asp accomplished through a Meta refresh that which looks like this:

<META HTTP-EQUIV=”REFRESH” CONTENT=”0; URL=main/default.asp”>

This is just the kind of thing that search engines might consider to be spam, due to the abuse of Meta refreshes by porn sites and the like. (They serve up one page to the engines and then redirect it to another page.)

Alt Tags

When generating content for each page of the website it is important to ensure that every image is tagged correctly and in the correct directory. All images should be in an image folder e.g. www.domain.com/image/desciptive-title-here.jpg

Directory Structure

When creating a full website it is vital that the hierarchy is laid out correctly. All sub-pages should be as close as possible to their root category and overall domain. The cleaner the url of the page the better for crawlers e.g. www.domain.com/catagory/sub-page  as opposed to www.domain.com/directory/catorgy/sub-page/page1.htm. To ensure that the proper use of domain structures are handled correctly it is best to make sure that they are only one click away from the user. If users have to click more than once search engines see this and rank the page/link lower.

Clean Code

The major search engine has come out and written that the site speed is taking into account with their search rankings. Thus being able to have clean code in such a way that it does not hinder the site speed is imperative. It needs to start from the cascading style sheets (CSS) to each unique page code in the back-end. If it is not needed or can be condensed then should be. Every page needs to double check with W3C Markup Validation Service and various others.

Getting Placed

When potential clients are searching for our brand we need to make certain they are not only seeing the website results for their local branch but also the physical location as well. By inputting the most accurate contact details and including images we are placing all the information we can in their hands.

Testimonials = Reviews

Asking clients for testimonials is great but in today’s technology advanced world it needs to be in the way of a review. It can be placed in Google Places, Yelp, LinkedIn and other social media sites.


The market share of consumers using the internet is rapidly growing. In order to make certain that every user is able to access the website it must be mobile-friendly. It needs to be tested on various smart phones (blackberry / iPhone / Android).

Analytics / Webmaster

In business we don’t rely on one quote – we gather several. So, should be the same when tracking a websites progress. There needs to be a weekly reviewing, and any time there has been a change in the web pages, from major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. It is also best to run those numbers against those found in the cPanel and other popular sites.

SEO - Take One 1

Search Engine Optimization:

The Process

Search engine optimization is an ongoing ever evolving process. The search engines algorithms are constantly changing and the ability to keep open the line of communication with clients where they are located is an enduring procedure. There must be a constant routine of verifying information – keeping up to date with the daily/weekly/monthly changes. There must always be a reply to any question and a response to any statement.

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