I love WordPress and that is why I dropped out

Dayton WordPress¬†When I was co-founder of the Dayton WordPress MeetUp group one of things I really enjoyed was that everyone would introduce themselves and say why they were there…you never know if they are in the wrong location.

It was always great to hear¬†those who were new to WordPress but I was always impressed with the long time users. These are the individuals that have been using the content management system for years. They’ve seen the growth of not only the platform but those within the community.

You could see the fire in their eyes and excitement would continue to build.

Excitement is excitement.

That excited for me, at this moment, is gone.

Don’t get me wrong I could go all day on various uses of WordPress, and more importantly the people I’ve met over the years because of WordPress. However when it comes to the local chapter…I am done.

With the help of Nowell VanHosen we started the first Dayton WordPress in August of 2012. I still remember the long discusses we would have on various topics that we would like to see covered at Panera Bread at the Greene.

I wouldn’t trade that time for anything. Learning from Nowell on how to encourage the local community that what we would put together would in fact have value.

Then there the Dayton WordCamps – talk about stressful, but the return on 18 hour days were far more greater than I could imagine.

I was never scared to speak in front of groups…but this was different, and I loved every single second it.

I will still be attending and proclaiming the name of WordPress wherever I go.

Just for me.

Right now.

So, if you ever need some WordPress help, SEO, social media marketing, or just a digital marketing strategist – feel free to reach out.

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