Finding A Way

Finding Your WayOne thing that was always instilled with me growing up was to never say no. Instead, find a solution that hasn’t been found yet. It is this reason and this reason alone I like problem solving. When it comes to technology and the internet it would seem the answers are already found out for us…but are they?

Answers Stay The Same – Not The Problem

2+2 = 4 but depending on where you’re at in life there could be more to the equation. A spouse you’re constantly trying to find time for. A family you worry about spending more time with. A career that you want to excel in. The equation starts becoming blurred and then you lose sight and forget about the problem but keep the hunt for an answer.

Sound depressing? Sorry, that wasn’t ┬ámy intent – so let’s move on.

The point of this is post is to never lose sight of the reasoning behind your struggle. We get caught up in this 9-5 mundane constantly looking forward to Friday. Then drudge into work on Monday in utterly disgust.


The focus is constantly on that finish line and not on our quest towards it. What happens if something strikes you in your weekly Monday morning meeting? Is it dismissed because you haven’t had your full 8 cups of coffee?

This mentality needs to stop and not next week. Right. Now!

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