35 Years In: 12 Months In Review

Nathan Driver 35 YearsSo here it is. My official year wrap-up, not to be confused with end-of-the-year. It’s something I’ve done for some time now that I’ve used as a reflection and look forward to in the coming year.

These past few months have been quite interesting. I went from working in an agency to the news industry. Something I never would imagine I’d be doing but thankful for the opportunity and continue to learn and adapt daily.

Nonetheless here’s my life in the past 12 months (in no particular order)

  • I was able to coach mini-me’s basketball team – this meant a lot to me.
  • Help co-organize the 2nd Dayton WordCamp and privileged enough to help teach WordPress with Brian Retterer to 100+ people.
  • Lost some weight and got healthy (for the most part) thanks to Katie.
  • Spoke at a few WordCamps around Ohio and Michigan.

Yeah, the last 12 months have been quite busy.

I’m going to do something different for 12 months of what I plan on accomplishing and not.say.a.word.

I just know the next 12 months are going to be interesting and look forward to




My question to you: how do you make sure that every day counts?


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