29 Years Later

Every year this time around I write a year in review – what I learned to what I accomplished by my birthday. So, it should be no surprise as to what this post is truly about. I got into the marketing game late in life but an early adapter when it comes to social media marketing. This year has proved just that taking on new clients who were great to work with and knew about my personal family and education plans had to come first.

Giving a client a head’s up I was able to be more productive and reach above and beyond expectations. In this I’ve found how other businesses out there have over-promised and under-delivered. If you are new to the business world it is suppose to be the other way around. Surprisingly I’ve seen this everything from local government to billion dollar companies.  How does this happen? Communications and honesty.

Another thing I’ve seen this year is just how an impact social media truly is. You can look over my blog and see how numerous companies have done some stupid things to making an ‘extra’ 3 million from tweeting alone. Yet…some people and businesses just.don’t.get.it – I have personally tried to help but alas talking to deaf ears. So, instead of becoming early adapters they ‘join the crowd’ and their voice get’s lost in the shuffle. In business no matter what field you’re in be on top of social media.

While before “googling” your name / brand / service was an “ok” way to judge your online market. The rules have changed. It’s time to get on top of this before it’s too late because in reality it can be too late.

The biggest part of the last 12 months have been more acquainted with my family. While my side work took a lot of time out of my schedule I’ve been able to cut it down – just by being honest with various clients and my own personal projects. Family should always be #1 when it comes between them and work. In this I give my wife A LOT of praise. The physical essance of patience and support. Along with that is my church family and pastor. They have truly come through in my time of need when I couldn’t tell where “up” really was. Get back to what’s important in life and everything else will fall in line PERIOD!

Where to go from here? Well, I got a lot of things planned and I have a things I want to test out so it should be rather interesting. In the meantime get at me on twitter at @drivenmg – keep an eye out because…well, I’m excited and hope to share it all with you.

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Nathan Driver

Digital Director at WDTN / WBDT
I am the Digital Marketing Specialist for a community bank in Ohio. Previously Digital Director for WDTN/WBDT. I specialize in WordPress - Search Engine Optimization - Social Media Strategies and above all analytics. I am a media - marketing - geek.

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