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SEO TeamI just got done reading one the SEO blogs I go to for updates and industry standards at State of Search and Agnete Tøien Pedersen is dead on when it comes to getting the right SEO team together. Agnete breaks it down to 9 parts.

The parts of the SEO Team are as follows

  • Copywriter
  • Techie
  • Analyst
  • Trainer
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Networks
  • Analytics
  • Account Manager
  • Paid Specialist

while a lot of these sections overlap the individual break downs are spot-on. I won’t go into each one – Agnete does a good job of that. Rather let people (clients) know when they want SEO its more than just a few hours of webmaster tools, tweaking sitemaps and robots text file. It goes above and beyond that and those that are doing all of this. Keep it up.

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Nathan Driver

Digital Director at WDTN / WBDT
I am the Digital Marketing Specialist for a community bank in Ohio. Previously Digital Director for WDTN/WBDT. I specialize in WordPress - Search Engine Optimization - Social Media Strategies and above all analytics. I am a media - marketing - geek.
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